On this page you will find all necessary information about City of Dance Festival 2017. Click the links below to get more information on the various subjects. Didn’t find an answer to your question? Please contact us via Facebook Messenger, @cityofdancefestival or mail us at info@you-dance.nl.

City of Dance Festival is a three day festival – Friday July 13, Saturday July 14 and Sunday July 15 in Middelburg, Zeeland. It takes place on the festival location Oude Veerseweg. The location is easily accessible by car, bike and on foot. There are enough shuttle busses, departing from the central station of Middelburg, that will take you to the festival and back afterwards. For more information: check ‘’How do I get to Middelburg?’’

On Friday the doors of the campsite will be open at 16:00 P.M., just like the Free Festival on Friday July 13. The Free Festival will take place from 16:00 P.M. till 23:00 P.M.

Saturday July 14 festival starts at 14:00 P.M. and will be going on till 00:00 A.M. Sunday July 15 from 14:00 P.M. to 23:00. P.M.

Address: Oude Veerseweg, 4332 SJ Middelburg

City of Dance festival is one of the longest-running electronic music festivals in the world and elected as ‘’#2 Best Dutch Dance Festival’’ in 2015, ended in the top 10 in 2016 in the Festival chart of Benelux and is known as THE EDM festival of the South-West part of The Netherlands.

The festival, which focuses on music, culture, art, talent and creativity, takes visitors to inspiring and surprising worlds where anything is possible. It is a weekend festival, with a three-day program and a campsite. So “holiday feeling” guaranteed!

Friday July 13 2018: Free Friday. A free festival for all ages from 16:00 P.M. till 23:00 P.M. The music genres are: EDM, House, Rap, Hip-Hop, Deep House, Trap, Live-Music and many more.
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Saturday July 14 2018: City of Dance Festival.

City of Dance Festival will take place from 14:00 P.M. till 0:00 A.M. The music genres are: House, Rap, Hip-Hop, EDM, Deep House, (Raw) Hardstyle, Techno, Latin, Trap, HipHop, Dancehall, Party Music and Live-Music.

Min. age: 17+ (campsite 18+)

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Sunday July 15 2018: City of Dance Festival.

City of Dance Festival will take place from 14:00 P.M. till 23:00 P.M.

The music genres are: House, Rap, Hip-Hop, EDM, Deep House, (Raw) Hardstyle, Freestyle, 90’s, Techno, Latin, Trap, Party Music and Live-Music.
Min. age: 17+ (campsite 18+)

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Saturday 14-07 :

Station – Festival:

14.05 / 14.35 / 15.00 / 15.35 / 16.00 / 16.30 / 17.00 / 17.30 / 18.00 / 18.30

Festival – Station     

22.10 / 22.40 / 23.10 / 23.25 / 23.40 / 00.10 / 00.40        

Sunday 15-07 

Station – Festival

14.05. / 14.35 / 15.05 / 15.35 / 16.05 / 16.35 / 17.05 / 15.35

Festival – Station               

21.40 / 22.10 / 22.40 / 23.10 / 23.25 / 23.40     

Are you planning to go with a large group to the City of Dance Festival 2017? Well we do have an interesting offer for you.

If you buy 30 tickets at once, you will get 3 tickets for free. And it only gets better! Every 10 tickets you buy more, you will get a free ticket again. So 40 tickets = 4 FREE tickets, 50 tickets = 5 FREE tickets, and this will go on until there are no more busses to drive.

And you pay a one-off fee of €15,00 which is €0,50 per ticket. And of course we provide a free parking space for your bus or book a bus with us.

For more information mail to info@you-dance.nl



Are you looking for a weekend out? A mini-holiday? Or just want to go out with your lover? STOP LOOKING! City of Dance has one of the nicest festival campsite in the Netherlands: Camping Dagverblijf. I hear you thinking, ‘’Camping Dagverblijf? What the hell does that mean?”. Well the English translation is: “Daycare camp”. We will take care of you while you are at the camp site so you are free to play with all kind of activities and fun games. Nobody will look weird when you behave like a child, just embrace the nostalgia!

For just €57,50 per person you are guaranteed of a full holiday feeling! Three days partying, the best artists, the nicest people and a lot of new friends!

So drop by at our campsite!

Click the link for tickets and more information:

  • Visitors of City of Dance Festival camping accept all the limitations of a festival camping.
  • Although there will be 24-hour supervision at the camping terrain. The organisation will not be responsible for possible damage, robbery or loss of possessions.
  • After 02.00 the camping terrains are acquired to keep silent.
  • It is strictly forbidden to make an open fire on the camping terrain. Also, candles are not allowed considering the fire safety.
  • Cooking your own food is not possible.
  • Nobody is allowed to bring gas canisters, on account of the fire company. If a gas canister is found at the entrance, there will be an ability to remove it and bring it away. We cannot store it. If this rule is violated we will have to remove you from the camping terrain. Please leave gas canisters at home.
  • Cooking on (disposable) barbecues or big butane/propane gas canisters is strictly forbidden considering fire safety.
  • visitors of the festival camping need to be at least 18 years old. Please take your identification card.
  • There will be lockers available on the camping terrain, where you can put away your valuables. Please use these and store your passport, wallet, camera and all other valuables here. Please do not leave them unattended in your tent.
  • It is wise to mark your stuff before leaving. If you lose unexpectedly lose something during the camping weekend it will be easier to find out from who the stuff is at the department of found objects.
  • It is not allowed to enter the camping terrain through illegal passages. Do not climb over fences or other barricades. Hereupon will be strict supervision.
  • Drugs are not allowed on the camping terrain.
  • The organisation has the right to remove someone from the camping terrain permanently in case of misbehaviour, without a refund.
  • It is acquired put trash in the trash bag you will receive when you arrive. These trash bags can be left at the intended containers.
  • glassware and cans are not allowed on the camping terrain. We will check you before entering the camping terrain.
  • The size of your tent must be in line with the amount of people sleeping in it. (This means that you cannot sleep in an army tent with 2 persons).
  • It is not allowed to take a “party tent”.
  • The camping will be subdivided in zones. These zones will be defined with signal cables. Tents need to be stated in these zones. The fire escapes between these defined zones should be accessible at all times. Tents that are placed outside of de defined zones will be removed immediately by the organisation.
  • Campers, caravans, trailers and wheelbarrows are not admitted.
  • Sound equipment and electric generators are not allowed at the camping. These will produce extra noise disturbance for those who want to sleep. Moreover, they will be an extra safety risk.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • It is not allowed to distribute flyers, advertisement leaflets or other promotional material.
  • Cars, vans and motorcycles need to be parked at the parking space. Spending the night at the parking space is forbidden.
  • Fire eating, braziers, fireworks and other stuff for fire shows are forbidden.
  • There will not be any facilities (no separate parking space or showers) for the less valid at the festival camping.
  • It is not possible to drive your car to the camping terrain. If you would like more information on this please look at the F.A.Q. Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.
  • The organisation has the right to have camera enforcement. This enforcement will be in line with the data protection act.

*What can/can’t you take to the festival/camping terrain?

YOU CAN TAKE: phones with a camera, digital cameras and cameras without detachable lens, small bottles of deodorant/spays/perfume, necklaces, bracelets and other jewels, soda bottles with a maximum of 2 litres per person.

YOU CAN’T TAKE: Professional camera equipment (cameras with a detachable lens, SLR cameras and professional filming equipment), professional recording equipment, big spray cans (excl. deodorant and perfume), flagpoles, umbrellas, walking-sticks (excl. medical crutches), weapons, laser pens, selfie-sticks and drones.

The organisation of City of Dance festival wishes you a smashing party weekend at the City of Dance camping!

Have you ever experienced a multi-day festival? Chances are big that you have bought a tent specially for the festival. Did you take the tent back home afterwards to use it again? Maybe, but maybe not. Each year 1 out of 4 visitors leave their festival tent behind at various festival campsites in The Netherlands.

This causes a lot of waste, and this is obviously not very good for the environment: all tents go after one use to the dump. Therefore, we have devised the KarTent; a disposable festival tent made entirely of cardboard. The cardboard is very easy to recycle; after the festival the cardboard tent can directly be recycled at the paper industry, so they can be reused for toilet paper, textbooks, shoe boxes or other things to make!

Of course the tent is waterproof.

Unlike other tents, this tent will stays nice and dark in the morning, so that you can sleep in the morning without being disturbed by the morning light or the heat of the sun on your tent.

Even more? Oh yeah! If you order a tent, we will bring it to the festival! This means that you no longer need to worry about carrying your tent! The only thing, you have to think is your toothbrush. (Theoretically, you also need other things ..) The tent can accommodate two people, and of course there is room for all your stuff!

These tents can be ordered through the ticket page: www.cityofdancefestival.nl/tickets/

At the festival you can pay with tokens. You can buy these with cash and at some checkout’s with ATM.

With the exception of (semi) professional equipment it is allowed to carry a digital camera. Opinion of the organization: take as many photos as you can, fun for later! Selfie sticks are not permitted. Do you want press accreditation, then you should just send an email to info@you-dance.nl

Scour your attic and search for crazy suits, top hats and suspenders. Pull that unique suit on that will give you a hilarious day. Make it as crazy as you can, because along with jugglers, stilt walkers, the best DJs, artists and all the other party animals you will form the ideal setting for City of Dance festival, in which nothing, absolutely nothing is too crazy.

Like every other year, of course we don’t want you to starve, so besides the best DJ’s that you want to hear, you also have a very versatile choice of culinary offerings. You can also chill out at various lounge spots, so you can enjoy your food and the beautiful view of the festival. Next to the food court, there will be a terrace with a special cocktail bar.

There will be access for wheelchairs at the festival ground. A big part of the paths are wooden decks. If you want more information, contact us at info@you-dance.nl

If you have any questions, issues surrounding and accreditations you can contact the organization at office@you-dance.nl

The festival takes place in any weather. There are many tents and indoor places available and of course there are rain ponchos available.

At the entrances you will find an information stand and lockers. You can easily store your belongings. So you can fully enjoy your day!

Well prepared for the journey

Especially on weekends there will be work on the track in the whole country. So look for your travel advice on www.ns.nl to make travel as smooth as possible without any trouble to Middelburg

Discover the convenience of E-ticket.

Buy your train ticket online and print it out yourself. Go to www.ns.nl and follow the instructions.

By car

City of Dance is located in the city of Middelburg and can be reached as follows:

Coming from:

Rotterdam / Antwerp via A58


For those who still travel by car, there is obviously plenty of parking. The parking spaces are open from 12:00PM.

Parking your car will be in the parking lot near the camping area to the Oude Veerseweg in Middelburg, follow the Schroeweg> Rouaansekaai> Oude Veerseweg or the N57 exit Oude Veerseweg the signs P Camping/Festival to drop someone off or to pick someone up.

All this is clearly indicated on the spot. On these locations you can (un)load your luggage and tent without any danger of passing traffic.

For crew/artists, follow “P-crew”.

If you go with public transport,  make sure you leave on time from City of Dance so you are on time for your last connection. Assume a travel time of about 30 minutes from the festival terrain to railway station Roosendaal.

City of Dance is made possible by the willing participation and commitment of municipality Middelburg and the province of Zeeland.